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OpenGeo Suite for OS X as a Development Tool

OpenGeo Suite 4.0 on OS X

A major part of OpenGeo Suite 4.0 was making production deployments easier but when looking at OS X we realized that this approach didn’t really jibe with how people use Macs. Instead, we took a different approach and bundled OpenGeo Suite as an easy-to-use development tool. While these packages won’t work very well in a production environment, they are the easiest way to get up and running with Boundless technologies on a Mac development machine. on OS X
Want a fully featured PostgreSQL 9.3 development server with PostGIS 2.1 and point cloud support baked in? OpenGeo Suite  for OS X ships with a PostGIS app that takes as little as 20 seconds to go from download to fully operational server. Your entire server runs as an application from the menu bar. Open the application to start the server, quit it to stop the server. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about library conflicts with homebrew or MacPorts. Everything in PostGIS app is sandboxed away in an application container where it can’t see libraries from package managers and they can’t see PostGIS app’s bundled libraries. on OS X
Along the same lines as PostGIS, OpenGeo Suite ships with GeoServer in a simple contained application. Like PostGIS, you start the server by opening the app and stop the server by quitting it. Once everything is started up, you will have a local server with GeoServer, GeoWebCache, and GeoExplorer.

Command Line

If you’re like most Boundless developers, you probably use a Mac but spend more time at the command line than you do in the GUI. We’ve got you covered with a set of common geospatial command line tools. After installing the package,  you will get Postgres and PostGIS command line tools and data loaders/dumpers, GDAL/OGR, Geos, Proj, PDAL, the OpenGeo SDK, and more installed in /usr/local/opengeo. Simply add /usr/local/opengeo/bin to your PATH and you’re up and running.

SDK Example

Say you’re building an app with the OpenGeo Suite SDK that uses a very large dataset. Rather than copy the entire large dataset to a local development server or depend on a proxy, you can simply copy a small subset of the data to your local OpenGeo Suite and match the GeoServer workspace and layer names. Now you can “deploy” your app for development using something like suite-sdk deploy -d localhost -r 8080 -u manager -p opengeo -c jetty6 sdk_app to see your changes running as if they were in production with a subset of the data. Once your app is ready you can deploy to your production server and the full dataset wil be used.

Try OpenGeo Suite 4.0-beta for OS X

If you’re a developer running OS X 10.7-10.9 give OpenGeo Suite 4.0-beta for OS X a try. Let us know how you’re using it and what features you would like to see.