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Top 100 Geospatial Influencers 2013

New to the geospatial community and want to know who to follow? We recently dove into a powerful new tool called LittleBird to find out. And, in keeping with our open source roots, we thought we’d share our findings with the greater community.

While list like this can be a real lightning rod for debate,  creating controversy certainly isn’t our intention.  This list is less about who is the most popular or has the most followers and more a starting point to help you discover the industry insiders other industry insiders view as influential. Here’s how LittleBird defines influence:

We spider out across connections from the Seeds in your topic query to build an index of Insiders, then we see which Insiders are most followed by others in the index. Top Influencers are the Insiders followed by the most other Insiders. Little Bird doesn’t pick the leaders, they are picked by their peers in a topic community!

So, without further adieu, here are the first 25 of our Top 100 Influencers in Geospatial:

Top 100 Geospatial Influencers

  1. Amanda Taub
  2. Gretchen Peterson
  3. James Fee
  4. Valerie Yakich
  5. Glenn Letham
  6. GIS Geospatial News
  7. Geospatial News
  8. Kate Chapman
  9. Bill Dollins
  10. Jim Barry
  11. Alex Chaucer
  12. Boundless (formerly OpenGeo)
  13. Dave Smith
  14. Andrew Turner
  15. OpenStreetMap
  16. Dave Bouwman
  17. Don Meltz
  18. Jesse Rouse
  19. Linda Hecht
  20. Andy Gup
  21. Jason Birch
  22. Justin C. Houk
  23. Adam Estrada
  24. Randal Hale
  25. Joe Francica

Make sure to check out the full list of the Top 100, and to make it easy for you to develop new relationships or spark up some vibrant geospatial chatter, we compiled a public Twitter list for you to easily add the Top 100 to your watch list.

Congrats to the current Top 100 geospatial influencers!