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GeoExt 2 Code Sprint Alpha Release To Make Compatible With Ext JS 4

Back in January we discussed how eager we were to sponsor the GeoExt 2 code sprint and hoped that others would join the cause. Thanks to the generous support of Camptocamp, Mapgears, Terrestris and OpenGeo, we had a productive week at Terrestris’ office in Bonn, Germany.  Twelve developers from the sponsoring organizations were joined locally by developers from OccamLabs and remotely by representatives from m-click.

Together they tackled a well-known problem: GeoExt 1.1 is based on Ext JS 3 and thus not compatible with Ext JS 4. The aim was to port as much functionality from GeoExt 1 to GeoExt 2 and make it compatible with Ext JS 4. The result? GeoExt 2 code that’s ready for an alpha release.

OpenGeo is proud to have contributed to GeoExt 2 and encourage you to try it out. As the sprinters work to tie up loose ends and create the official alpha release, we need help testing and reporting bugs. Code contributions and bug fix pull requests on github are always welcome.

For more details on the GeoExt 2 sprint check out the GeoExt blog. Thanks again to all the sponsors of the code sprint!

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