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PostGIS 2.0 Geospatial Software Feature: Typmod For Geometry Objects.

The new raster type gets most of the press in the PostGIS 2.0 features round-ups, but one of my personal favorites is the support for “typmod” on geometry objects.

A “typmod” is a “type modifier”. If you’ve used SQL databases you’re probably familiar with type modifiers on variable length character columns, like this one:

  description VARCHAR(255)

The “255” after the “VARCHAR” is a modifier, specifying more information about the column. For geometry columns in PostGIS 2.0, it’s now possible to define a column like this:

  geom GEOMETRY(PointZ, 4326)

Note the modifiers on the geometry, specifying the specific type “Point”, the dimensionality “Z” and the spatial reference identifier “4326”. And the table description reflects the typmod information:

           Table "public.geotbl"
 Column |         Type          | Modifiers 
 geom   | geometry(PointZ,4326) | 

So what, you say? So, now the “geometry_columns” table can automatically be kept up to date as a view on the system tables. Once a spatial table is created, it now automatically appears in “geometry_columns”.

 f_table_catalog | f_table_schema | f_table_name | f_geometry_column | coord_dimension | srid  |      type       
 cded            | public         | geotbl       | geom              |               3 |  4326 | POINT

Still not impressed? The classic problem, “how do I reproject the data in my table” used to require multiple steps: drop spatial reference constraint, update the column, re-add the constraint, refresh the geometry_columns table. Now, it’s a one-liner, converting the contraints, global metadata, and table data in one step.

  SET DATA TYPE geometry(Point,26910) 
  USING ST_Transform(ST_Force_2D(geom),26910)

And as a bonus, we also converted the type from 3D to 2D. And all the metadata is up-to-date automagically.

           Table "public.geotbl"
 Column |         Type          | Modifiers 
 geom   | geometry(Point,26910) | 

The manual management of the “geometry_columns” table has bothered me ever since it was introduced. After only 10 years, I’m pleased to see it finally fixed! This update required the new extended typmod support brought in to PostgreSQL 8.4 and was prototyped on the “geography” type in PostGIS 1.5.

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