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PostGIS 2.0 Geospatial Software Is Getting Close To Release Date

Maybe someday PostGIS will go to 11, but for now, we’re still shooting for 2, point oh. And happily we are getting closer and closer. We have moved to a weekly schedule of alpha releases (this week was alpha3) and have started cleaning down the list of tickets against the 2.0 milestone.

Last month, much of the time spent by me and Sandro Santilli on PostGIS 2.0 preparation was funded by the Humanitarian Information Unit of the US Department of State.  So, from the PostGIS development team, and the PostGIS community in general: thanks, HIU!  Why is HIU funding PostGIS? Because the kinds of tools that HIU and its partners use for humanitarian response are backed by PostGIS, and they want to see those tools get better. Funding PostGIS development is an economical way to simultaneously raise the capabilities of a whole ecosystem of tools in HIU’s space.