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MapQuest Addition To Aerial Imagery and OSM Tiles in GeoExplorer

Last week MapQuest announced the addition of aerial imagery to the the tile sets they provide through their open tiles service. Today, we’re excited to announce a new Community Edition of the Suite that provides access to these beautiful imagery and OSM layers in GeoExplorer.

GeoExplorer is configured by default to allow the addition of these MapQuest layers. You can access them (along with other layer sources) through the “Add Layers” dialog.

Add Layers Dialog

The Open Aerial tiles allow you to layer your own data over a nice composite of imagery from NASA JPL and the National Agriculture Imagery Program (in the contiguous U.S.)

Open Aerial Imagery

The OpenStreetMap layer is particularly useful in layering your own thematic data over MapQuest’s rendering of OSM data.

OpenStreetMap Tiles

MapQuest make things easy for developers by not requiring an API key to use these newly available layers in their applications. Thanks to MapQuest for providing access to this data.