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GeoExplorer Application Built With GeoExt: Browse, Interact, Publish

We’ve put together another release of the GeoExplorer application built with GeoExt.  This release includes some great new features that let you explore WMS layers from multiple sources and publish your results as an embedded map in any web page.

The updated “available layers” dialog allows you to choose from a list of currently configured sources or add your own.

Add Layers Dialog

In this case, I’ve decided to create a simple map showing fire locations and current weather conditions in the US.  For the fire locations, I added the Firefly service from the Geography Department at the University of Maryland.  To get a sense for current weather conditions nationwide, I added radar reflectivity data from Iowa State University Department of Agronomy.

Clicking on the publish button launches a new dialog for configuring the map export.  The result is an HTML snippet that I can include in any web page – like this one:

You can download the application archive to set it up on your own server, or try out the demo we’ve put up.