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GeoHipster Interview with Andy Dearing

Boundless Geo January 5, 2017 A big shout-out to our friends at GeoHipster who interviewed our CEO, Andy Dearing. The following is an excerpt of the article which appeared on January 5th, 2017. Q: For those in our audience who do not know, please describe Boundless. A: Boundless provides a commercially-supported open geographic information system

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Using Open Source to Help Feed The World

Boundless To Host Upcoming Webinar on the Benefits of Open Source GIS Open GIS Leader to Discuss How to Unlock Geospatial Data To Gain Major Business Benefits January 26, 2017 – New York – Boundless, the leader in open GIS, today announced it will be hosting a complimentary webinar with special guest Monsanto Company on

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Using Open Source to Help Feed the World

Enjoy this webinar featuring Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless Spatial, and Dr. Martin Mendez-Costabel of Monsanto to learn how to unlock the power of geospatial data. This webinar also includes a 15 minute Q&A session, as well as Q&A Documentation. Originally recorded January 31, 2017 Dr. Martin P. Mendez-CostabelGeospatial Big Data Engineering and Strategy Lead, Watch Webinar
Open Source GIS Desktop Software vs Proprietary GIS

Boundless Desktop Software vs Proprietary Solutions

If you are a Desktop GIS user who has been on the fence about implementing an open GIS solution, now is the time. With Boundless Desktop, our flexible, hybrid architecture integrates seamlessly with proprietary stacks. And what’s more — we offer supported software that will scale to meet your business needs and is easy on

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Drive Your Business With Location Data

Business Analyst

Maximize the value of your location data with a complete content management solution that scales seamlessly, curates all of your data and turns it into answers in real time – all without without the need of a developer.

GIS Professional

Work natively in this cross-platform solution that automates complex analytical workflows and offers over 600+ plugins under a multi-tier commercially supported subscription model that starts at just $4.99 a month.

GIS Developer

Think web-based open geospatial systems are risky and can’t handle your project demands? Think again. We offer a flexible solution that puts you in control of the build, working alone or with existing proprietary stacks.


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