GeoWebCache caches images from a variety of sources to accelerate the delivery of map tiles. GeoWebCache provides sophisticated tools for managing the tile cache to optimize enterprise applications for faster display.

  • Pre-seeding and seeding-on-demand capabilities
  • Disk quotas with Least Frequently Used (LFU) and Least Recently Used (LRU) settings to manage disk space
  • Control over tile expiration by REST API or GeoRSS notification
  • Support for requests with time, elevation, alternate styles and filters
  • Native output to Google Maps (including Google Mobile), Google Earth (vector and raster), Bing Maps, and Yahoo Maps
  • Java J2EE application works with Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss and others

Open Source, Open Standards

GeoWebCache is open source software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, that implements many Open Geospatial Consortium standards including including Web Map Service (WMS), Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS), Web Map Service-Caching (WMS-C), and Tiled Map Service (TMS).

Case Studies

Featured Team Members


Gabriel Roldán

Software Engineer

Gabriel is a committer to GeoServer and GeoTools. He is a founding GeoServer Project Steering Committee member. Gabriel lead the first migration from Esri web mapping software to GeoServer by building the ArcSDE datastore and WMS for GeoServer.


David Winslow

Software Engineer

David has committed to every component of OpenGeo Suite. He is a core committer to GeoServer and GeoTools, as well as a contributor to OpenLayers, GeoExt and PostGIS. David has been working with open-source software for nearly a decade, as both an user and a developer.


Kevin Smith

Junior Software Engineer

Kevin works on GeoServer and GeoWebCache and is a contributor to OpenStreetMap. Kevin studied Computer Science and GIS at Vancouver Island University.