With Mapmeter, administrators and developers can see how services are performing, how many requests they are receiving, and whether more servers are needed. Included exclusively with supported OpenGeo Suite instances, Mapmeter helps reduce costs, optimize applications during development, diagnose critical issues, and make decisions about production deployments.


Gain real-time and strategic insight into the availability and performance of your OpenGeo Suite instances. Track key metrics such as response times, error trends, and layer performance.

  • monitor-timebarInstant Performance
    Monitor key performance indicators such as number of requests and response time with real time and historical views.
  • monitor-toplayersLayer Usage
    Understand which data gets the most traffic.
  • Service Penetration
    Learn valuable information about where your services are being used.


Discover trends and find actionable intelligence about the capabilities of your spatial deployments.

  • discover-filtersDetailed Error Reporting
    Break down what’s been breaking down with errors counts and details.
  • Detect Bottlenecks
    Identify outages and bottlenecks that threaten key applications before they impact customer satisfaction.
  • Connect the Dots
    Add intelligence and insight into your daily workflow by seeing key service trends in context.


Quickly view rich details on the efficiency of your system. Search and query through your OGC service requests to understand where attention is needed and why.

  • analyze-detailsFocus on the Details
    Immerse yourself in the details of service requests presented in raw form or filter results by service type, referrer, and more to quickly refine and scope queries.
  • Chart Usage Over Time
    Identify meaningful trends by charting requests by the second, minute and day.
  • Improved Reliability
    Real-time performance visualization and historical lookup allows you to address issues before they turn into problems.