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OpenGeo Suite powers web, mobile, and desktop applications across the enterprise. Built on leading open source software – including PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, OpenLayers, and QGIS – OpenGeo Suite optimizes standards-based technology for organizations large and small. Learn more about OpenGeo Suite with helpful documentation, demos, and code samples in the user manual.

Supported Open Source

Boundless provides support, training, enterprise only features, and professional services to OpenGeo Suite customers. If you’re interested in trying our support, or finding out how Boundless helps OpenGeo Suite customers get more out of their open source deployments please contact us.

Latest Release

OpenGeo Suite 4.8 includes many new features, improvements, and component upgrades. See the release notes to learn more.

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Download QGIS

QGIS is a cross-platform desktop application for viewing, editing, and analyzing geospatial data from a variety of vector, raster, and database formats. Our packages include OpenGeo Explorer for QGIS, a supported plugin that makes it easier than ever to publish from QGIS to the web. Use OpenGeo Explorer to prepare data in PostGIS or style and publish directly to GeoServer, all within the QGIS interface. Boundless provides support for OpenGeo Explorer as part of OpenGeo Suite.  Contact us to find out more.