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Did you know 80% of data contains location information?  Whether you are sifting through customer purchase patterns, studying crop yield estimates, or analyzing delivery routes, location plays a part in almost everything we do.  

A Geographic Information System (GIS) can help unlock and harness that power of location in your data.  Using a GIS is no longer limited to the experts, or those who have massive enterprise architectures (and massive bank accounts).  Today GIS is for every budget and everyone.  From back office analysis, to the data collection in the field, a GIS can help your organization make more informed business decisions.

The Boundless GIS platform, which includes Exchange, Desktop and Suite, was created to help your organization harness the power of location in your data, and scales to fit every facet of your organization.


intelligence laptop6Powered By Open Source

The Boundless GIS Platform is powered by proven and powerful open-source software including:

  • QGIS – a powerful desktop GIS
  • GeoNode – a feature-rich content management system
  • GeoGig – for versioning and tracking edits to geospatial data
  • PostGIS – a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL
  • GeoServer – an application server for sharing data as web services
  • OpenLayers – a feature-packed library for building web applications

Open Source means the Platform is built, tested and innovated by amazing developers around the world. And Boundless employs many of the core contributors and steering committee members of these open source projects. Unlike proprietary software vendors, working with Boundless gives you direct access to the open source community, granting you the ability to provide feedback and influence the direction of the software.