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QGIS 2.8.3 Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the availability of QGIS 2.8.3! We encourage everybody to visit our download page to get the latest version. QGIS 2.8.3 represents to Boundless another step in our ongoing commitment to advance the development and adoption of QGIS as we see increasing use on a global basis of open source GIS. Our expectation is you’ll continue to see a steady cadence of QGIS releases from Boundless in the upcoming months, so as we continue our investment we invite anybody interested in enterprise Support for QGIS to please contact us.

In addition to the typical fixes and updates that come with a release such as this, Boundless customers can also receive the latest builds of our OpenGeo Explorer, MGRS, and WebApp Builder plugins – as always, we invite our customers to contact us if they have any questions about what’s included in this release.


Georeferencing Imagery in the Hunt for MH370

News of debris discovered off the coast of Reunion Island and the subsequent acknowledgment from the Malaysian Prime Minister has given hope as to the whereabouts and fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. While we wait for additional information regarding the missing Boeing 777, I wanted to examine if GIS could add plausibility that debris may have washed up this far West from the original search areas.
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Building an OpenLayers 3 Web App Without Writing Code – Part II

In my previous blog posted on June 23rd, I walked through the steps necessary to go from Project & Data to completed web app using Boundless’ new Web App Builder. I encourage you to take a minute to review the initial blog, as there’s some important context. The sample flood data application used a sampling of the most commonly anticipated controls and options that are available, but there’s a lot of functionality I didn’t explore. This post we will explore more of these, including the following that someone desiring greater control might seek to leverage:
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MongoDB Collaboration

We’ve been receiving increased interest of late to use OpenGeo Suite in new “Big Data” environments, as customers are seeking to store, manage, and leverage their growing volumes of data. In response, we’ve been working on MongoDB support for our enterprise customers and collaborating with LocationTech and CCRi on GeoServer integration with GeoMesa and Accumulo. We’ll have more to say about our work with GeoMesa in the near future, but I wanted to take a moment to share some additional details about our work with MongoDB.
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