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From the Desk of the CEO

As we embark on an exciting 2016, I would like to take a chance to reflect on our successes and what they mean for the future of our growing open-source geo community.  Since taking the helm of Boundless in early December, it has been a phenomenal experience to review and absorb all the accomplishments and strides the team made in 2015.  The advancement of the OpenGeo technology stack in 2015 has been breathtaking, with millions of dollars of effort bringing waves of new functionality and business value to our customers and partners.  Because of the team’s hard work and vision, Boundless enters the New Year with great optimism and vigor.
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Sample OL3/Cesium web application using D3 for graph display on top of a map

Replacing Google Enterprise with OpenGeo Suite

One of the biggest announcements in 2015 was Google’s decision to end support for their Google Maps Engine and Google Earth Enterprise Client solutions.  These solutions allow users to create their own custom maps and globes on private networks, or replace the default content served by Google with content from your own organization.  You can read more about Google’s decision on their blog here and here, and even read an update to Terms of Service last week for Google Earth Pro.  So naturally many of us at Boundless have fielded questions about how OpenGeo Suite could be used to create a replacement or improvement to GME and GEE.   My colleague Sean Brady inked a blog about OpenGeo Suite-based alternatives back in April, so with the beginning of the New Year I thought I would revisit the topic and delve a bit deeper.
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Announcing the New GeoServer QGIS Plugin

We have supported the OpenGeo Suite plugin for QGIS since 2013 so users could have a tool to manage Suite elements (GeoServer, GeoWebCache, PostGIS) from the QGIS interface. Since QGIS is now a fundamental part of Suite along with Boundless’ increasing support of the QGIS project, we have decided to take a new approach and replace the Suite plugin: our new GeoServer plugin, now available in the QGIS plugin repo.
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Vector Holiday Fireworks Background

Looking Ahead to 2016

It’s been a pretty great year for Boundless.  Great people have joined our organization (too numerous to name them all!), established some very strategic partnerships, and even expanded our support into the Japanese market.  Our engineering and professional services teams supported major releases of both GeoServer and QGIS, each of which have enhanced the community with some really great functionality.  We are breathing new life into GeoGig, and even renewed our commitment behind GeoNode.  With the continued global momentum behind open-source, it really is an exciting time to be working at Boundless!  As we look forward to the New Year, I wanted to share some thoughts on geospatial trends I see coming in 2016…
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Improving interoperability between OpenLayers and Esri ArcGIS REST

Boundless continues to see many customers migrate over to hybrid geospatial architectures of both open source and proprietary software.  One of the most common customer requests is to leverage current investments in Esri ArcGIS, while building flexibility and agility into the architecture with the use of open-source.  Customers are looking to make the most of what they have, while not locking into a single-vendor option for years to come.
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Mapping Our Way to the Next President

Editor’s Comment: Boundless was fortunate enough to have Megan join us as an Intern for part of this fall.  Megan Tosh came to Boundless with a desire to validate her classroom learning with some real-world practical experience.  Part of her Internship was to complete a capstone project, so with the upcoming 2016 presidential election we thought it would be good to showcase how geography and politics are inextricably mixed. We thank Megan for all her hard work, and look forward to working with our next Intern in the spring!

We are approaching an incredibly exciting time in the United States, the 2016 Presidential Election. Americans take great pride in the fact that, We The People, have the right to choose and replace our government leaders through a fair election. While some choose to sit idle and watch the process unfold, many become emotionally invested in this important part of our culture and what it means to live in a democratic society.  But, before we gather around our televisions to watch live as states turn red or blue it is useful to take a step back and understand what impact geography might have on the electoral outcome.
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Latest Developments in QGIS Processing

The Processing framework is one key component of QGIS, providing a comprehensive set of analysis algorithms and an array of tools to efficiently run them (toolbox, model builder…). At Boundless, we have been supporting the development of the QGIS Processing framework, and lately we have accomplished some important advances. The recent QGIS Hackfest was a perfect opportunity to finish some of these new features, which are now either already part of the upcoming QGIS version or are ready to be merged.
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