Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Ann Johnson is a recognized industry leader with a proven track record for building and leading high-performing global enterprise software operations. Ann comes to Boundless with a strong infrastructure, storage and security background, and is a frequent speaker on the topics of online banking fraud, information security, healthcare security, mobile security, privacy and compliance.

Josh Campbell

Joshua Campbell

Vice President, Product Management

Josh is a professional geographer, working with GIS and remote sensing technologies since 2000. He has built geographic computing infrastructures to harness two major trends:  the transition of GIS from a desktop to a web environment and the increasing power of crowdsourcing.  While at the Department of State, Josh co-founded the Imagery to the Crowd and MapGive initiatives. Josh leads our initiatives to build products for collaborative data editing.

Rolando Penate

Rolando Peñate

Vice President, Marketing

Rolando develops the marketing strategy and materials to communicate the value of Boundless and our various products and services. He has worked with open source geospatial for almost a decade, contributing to the design, user experience, and product management of projects including GeoServer and OpenGeo Suite. Rolando works with our staff, clients, and partners to help them communicate solutions to the unique challenges solved by our products.

Paul Ramsey

Paul Ramsey

Senior Strategist & Evangelist

Paul has been working with geospatial software for over ten years, as programmer and consultant. He founded the PostGIS spatial database project in 2001 and is currently an active developer and member of the project steering committee. Paul evangelizes for our OpenGeo Suite product, works with our business development team to improve communication about our offerings, and speaks and teaches regularly at conferences around the world.


Ilya Rosenfeld

Vice President, Products & Services

Ilya works with our clients and partners to conceptualize technical solutions to their unique challenges. For over a decade, Ilya has been delivering geospatial solutions and consulting services to commercial and government organizations across multiple domains including Defense, Public Safety, Transportation, Homeland Security and Environment.

Juan Marin

Juan Marin

Chief Technology Officer

Juan serves as Chief Technology Officer at Boundless, managing the engineering team and leading product development for the company. He has been developing geospatial applications for over a decade in the energy, environmental, defense, telecommunications and retail industries, among others. He also has experience training GIS professionals in applying spatial techniques to solve several environmental issues. Juan has been involved in large enterprise efforts that required integration of geospatial capabilities with other IT systems, including implementing OpenGeo Suite in several high-volume projects.


Akiyo Dunetz

Director of Project Management

As the Director of Project Management, Akiyo  focuses on developing Boundless’ standards, processes and project management team. She has 15 years of experience in the implementation of solutions for internal and external customers.


Andreas Hocevar

Geospatial Solutions Engineer

Andreas works on the development and architecture of Boundless SDK, OpenLayers 3. Previously he’s worked on the development of OpenLayers 2, GeoExt, and GeoExplorer. Andreas is an accomplished open source developer; he is an active steering committee member for both OpenLayers and GeoExt . He has been working in geospatial for almost 20 years, and is a frequent teacher and speaker.

Anthony Denaro

Anthony Denaro

Operations Associate

Anthony manages Boundless’ NY office and designs and coordinates the build-out of its new locations. Anthony received his Bachelors of Architecture from Pratt Institute.

Bart van den Eijnden

Bart van den Eijnden

Front End Software Engineer

Bart works on OpenLayers 2, OpenLayers 3 and GeoExt, and has a strong interest in the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). He is also a member of the Board of Directors and is part of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) of GeoExt.


Benjamin Trigona-Harany

Global Support Manager

Benjamin leads global support, working works with all of our clients to ensure that our products are running smoothly. He is developing our end-user training program. He is a free software and Slackware Linux enthusiast.


Blaine Wingfield

Customer Development Sales Representative

Blaine is the first point of contact for all new incoming inquiries and for new customer registrations. Prior to Boundless, Blaine was the Renewals team manager at Carahsoft Technology where he  helped to grow the maintenance renewal business.

Brian Monheiser

Director, Defense and Intelligence Programs

Brian is responsible for advising and consulting on all aspects of Boundless technology within the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC). He has over 15 years of experience supporting a number of large projects, programs, and applications using geospatial technology within the DoD and IC.


Camille Acey

Sales Operations Specialist

Camille works with the Business Development and Operations teams to improve processes, retain and develop business opportunities, and deliver solutions to Boundless customers worldwide.


Dave Gibbon

Director of Commercial Programs

Dave is working to accelerate the adoption of the Boundless’ solutions into new verticals and new geographies. He is focused on packaging and selling new vertical-market enterprise-grade software solutions into different geographies around the world.


David Winslow

Software Engineer

David has committed to every component of OpenGeo Suite. He is a core committer to GeoServer and GeoTools, as well as a contributor to OpenLayers, GeoExt and PostGIS. David has been working with open-source software for nearly a decade, as both an user and a developer.


Emily Loux

Project Manager

Emily manages project life cycles, aiming to find solutions that work for all stakeholders involved. Prior to joining Boundless, she worked as a project manager at Nielsen, where she oversaw the successful implementation of numerous complicated data and software projects.


Eva Shon

UX Designer

Eva designs the user experience of our projects. She strives to create well-designed tools that help people contextualize, visualize and solve problems together.


Evan Carter

Senior Systems Administrator

Evan administers and plans Boundless’ system infrastructure and works with the engineering team on designing, developing and maintaining project infrastructure.


Gabriel Roldán

Software Engineer

Gabriel is a committer to GeoServer and GeoTools. He is a founding GeoServer Project Steering Committee member. Gabriel lead the first migration from Esri web mapping software to GeoServer by building the ArcSDE datastore and WMS for GeoServer.


Glenn Reed

Chief Financial Officer

Glenn assists Management and the Board with all financial aspects of Boundless business. He has deep experience with emerging and high growth entities in analyzing and developing original business models, strategic plans, and optimized business processes.  Glenn is a CPA as well as a CGMA, with a degree in Management from Boston College.

Gretchen Peterson

Gretchen Peterson

Data Scientist

Gretchen develops basemaps, data packs, and product features. She creates content examples and sample data use cases using Boundless technology. As a consultant, she  developed geospatial data products and analyses for federal agencies, public utilities, universities, planning groups, and environmental organizations.


Ian Schneider

Software Engineer

Ian is the tech lead and a committer for MapStory, is on the project committee for GeoNode and has commit status for GeoServer, GeoNode and GeoTools.


Jen Marcus

Director, Strategy for Defense and Intelligence

Jen works with our Department of Defense clients to educate and promote open source.  Most recently Jen was a leader in shaping and executing Northrop Grumman’s innovative geospatial technology investments. Jennifer is a geographer by training having received a BS in Geography from Kansas State University.

Jody Garnett

Jody Garnett

Senior Software Engineer

Jody develops Boundless’ training program and mentors outside developers in the open source community. He is a committer and Project Steering Committee Member for GeoServer and GeoTools. Jody is a teacher, a programmer and a very effective problem solver.


Joe Miller

Professional Services Engineer

Joe works with clients to help them successfully incorporate geospatial into their architecture, optimize their implementation, and ensure that deployments go smoothly.  He has over ten years experience as a Federal government and commercial consultant, developer, and project manager.

Justin Deoliveira

Justin Deoliveira

Vice President, Engineering

Justin is the engineering lead for OpenGeo Suite and helps make and implement major architecture and technology decisions at OpenGeo. Justin has led many architecture decisions for GeoServer including the transition to the Spring framework, the OGC service dispatch framework, and the Web Feature Service implementation.


Ken Bossung

Senior Vice President

Ken, our Director of Sales, brings his extensive experience in the fields of geospatial software and information technology to Boundless. Perviously Ken and three partners founded IONIC Enterprise, a geospatial web-services pioneer focusing on the early implementation of OGC standards. Ken ran sales at IONIC until 2007, when the company was purchased by Leica Geosystems, now Erdas. Subsequently, Ken was responsible for overseeing civilian sales of geospatial enterprise and desktop software and services in the United States, Canada and Latin America for Erdas. Prior to Ionic Ken ran sales for Renaissance Worldwide a global Information Technology company.

Ken is an active community member and currently sits on the Board of the Squaw Valley Mutual Water Company and the Board of the Sacramento Chapter of EO, the global Entrepreneurs Organization.


Kevin Smith

Junior Software Engineer

Kevin works on GeoServer and GeoWebCache and is a contributor to OpenStreetMap. Kevin studied Computer Science and GIS at Vancouver Island University.

Matt Richards

Matt Richards

Web Designer

Matt creates the visual design for our products, carefully crafting each pixel for the best user experience. He last worked at a leading event management software-as-a-service company, crafting the look and feel of their collaborative tools and websites.
Michael Weisman

Michael Weisman

Software Engineer

Michael builds systems that ensure the latest updates to all components get rolled into OpenGeo Suite. He has commit status on GeoNode, is a contributor to Fiona and created GDBFlee a tool for freeing data from Esri’s File Geodatabases. Michael previously worked in Professional Services for Safe Software and in data processing and web development for Urban Mapping.


Mike Pumphrey

Outreach Engineer

Mike brings years of experience in understanding software users’ needs to the development process at Boundless. He has maintained the Windows installers of both GeoServer and OpenGeo Suite, and now maintains the documentation and user manuals. He also teaches workshops for clients around the world.


Rick Berry

Professional Services Engineer

Rick develops solutions for our Professional-level clients. Rick brings years of experience in hardware integration, server side programming, and client application development. He spent several years focusing on development of systems and web services that expose geospatial data.

Soumya Sengupta

Soumya Sengupta

Technical Account Manager

Soumya supports pre-sale and post-sale consulting efforts on the Professional Service team. He brings a decade of experience in web development, java-based systems, devops and geospatial systems. His long portfolio of integration work includes both commercial and government clients like FAA, FEMA, US DOT, NIH, and State DOT’s.

Sudha Balasubramanian

QA Engineer

Sudha is responsible for Quality Assurance at Boundless. She has over 13 years of IT experience, with a primary focus on QA for the last 9 years. Prior to Boundless, she managed a testing group for a Federal IT consulting firm.


Tom Ingold

Technical Account Manager

Tom works  directly with clients to engineer high-performance, scalable and redundant deployments of the Boundless software stack. His past experience includes developing OGC services and architectures in the defense and intel markets. He has a BA in Natural Sciences from Harvard and a certificate in GIS from Penn State.


Victor Malaret

Front End Developer

Victor is working on improvements to the GeoGit library for use in a collaborative cloud-based geodata exchange platform and assists on the front-end development of MapStory and Mapmeter.


Victor Olaya

Victor Olaya

Software Engineer

Victor developed the processing library for spatial data analysis which brings advanced analysis capabilities to QGIS, the newest addition to OpenGeo Suite.