Our Background

Since 2002, Boundless has developed and supported powerful software for enterprise Spatial IT applications.

Designed for bringing spatial information into modern workflows, OpenGeo Suite provides a complete platform for managing data and building maps and applications. The experts at Boundless reduce the cost and time of deploying and managing spatial software with packaging, support, maintenance, professional services, and training.

Our Mission

To be the global leader in design, customization and deployment of geospatial maps, applications, context and data.

Our Vision

A world where simple, intuitive and rich location intelligence is seamlessly layered into the human experience of technology.

Meet the Experts

Wes Richardet
Software Engineer

Wes is a software engineer who focuses mostly on mobile products. He has almost 10 years experience working in geospatial software development. He also has a strong interest in data analysis and visualization.

Community Lead

Jody looks after our open source projects as a community lead here at Boundless. As a member of the engineering team he provides technical leadership and develops Boundless’ training program. He is a member of the Project Steering Committee for GeoServer and GeoTools. Jody is a board member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and on the steering committee for LocationTech.

Sr. Project Manager

Bernice Colyandro has a strong background in managing time sensitive needs and requirements on critical systems.  She has extensive customer service, web development, system administration, and ArcGIS experience.  Bernice spent 8 years working at Esri supporting a range of customers in the Washington, DC area.

Sr. Project Manager

Alison has implemented geospatial solutions within Defense and Intelligence, local government, healthcare, and maritime industries. Alison also has interests in new products and in user experience.

Marc Cenac
Software Engineer

Marc has developed mission-critical enterprise software in secured environments for clients in the banking and defense industries.  His experience ranges from GIS, to big data processing, to Android development, and various DevOps technologies.

Gabriel Roldan
Software Developer
Gabriel is a Software Developer advocated to Free and Open Source GIS since 1997. Contributor to GeoTools, GeoServer and GeoWebcache since 2003, technical lead for GeoGig, and OSGeo charter member since 2011.
Born and raised in Rosario, Argentina. Lived in Spain where helped local government agencies migrate from proprietary GIS solutions to Free Software. Joined Boundless (formerly OpenGeo) in 2008.
kevin Smith
Software Engineer

​​Kevin is the project lead for GeoWebCache and a member of the GeoServer Project Steering Committee. In his free time he applies his background in computer science and GIS to making maps of fantasy worlds.

Kalen Furrer
Account Manager

Kalen is an Account Manager focused on Defense/Intelligence/FedCiv clients.  She has a strong background in project management of large global multi-tiered projects and end-to-end systems implementation.  Kalen spent ten years at the world’s largest professional services firm and has extensive experience supporting clients with solving complex business issues. 

Software Engineer
Aaryn has over 17 years of geospatial analysis and a lifetime of programming experience in a variety of domains, including natural resources, geospatial intelligence, and health analytics. Aaryn published peer-reviewed journal articles on remote sensing, spatial analysis, and invasive species ecology before discovering the burgeoning world of distributed computing. A jack-of-many-trades programmer and data scientist with expertise in Java and R, Aaryn is especially interested in solving large-scale geospatial problems that break traditional approaches.

Aaryn lives in Tucson, AZ, and tries to spend as much time as possible exploring wild places with his wife, three boys, and two dogs. He loves to run trails, identify creatures his boys find, and travel.
Josh Fix1
Systems Architect

Josh is a software engineer with 20+ years of experience in the IT and engineering fields supporting many large civilian and government organizations around the world.  For the past 10 years, he has focused on geospatial web services and applications for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.  Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and is a combat veteran of the United States Air Force.

Sara Safavi
Software Developer

Sara is a software developer and certified GISP with experience in web and geospatial development. She is especially interested in developing custom GIS solutions that integrate open source software into existing workflows. Sara’s career has included work for a variety of commercial, private and government entities. She is also a frequent speaker and teacher in the Python & geospatial tech communities.

Software Developer & Designer

Glynnis is a software developer and designer with more than five years’ experience building and designing complex data-rich applications for the web. She is especially passionate about user experience and the areas where the technical and visual overlap, and feels at home occupying the gray area between design and development.

Sr. Systems Architect

Richard is a Senior Systems Architect with 15 years experience in Geospatial Technologies. As a Python developer he has a passion for finding simple elegant solutions to complicated problems. His primary focus has been for the Federal Government where Richard has been able to work on and develop large enterprise GIS systems bringing amazing gains in productivity and cost savings. He graduated from Western State College, Gunnison Colorado in 2001 with honors and has a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Science.

betsy emmons
Community Support Manager

Betsy has a degree in GIS and Spatial Analysis and has been an avid member of the open source geospatial community for several years. She creates user tutorials for working with open source software, and particularly enjoys supporting others in solving spatial problems.

Dan Berry_New
PS Engineer

Daniel is a certified GISP, with over 15 years of geospatial experience in the Defense and Intelligence communities. He is passionate about integrating open source geospatial software into existing Defense programs.

Aaron Miller
Commercial Solutions Arch.

Aaron Miller has 15+ years of experience in GIS, with 10 years in the emergency services industry focused on the design and implementation of high availability & life critical systems, for which he was awarded a U.S. Patent.

Christian Del Pino
DevOps Engineer

Christian has worked with a variety of systems for over 17 years, with the last 10 administering Linux systems. Christian worked for Castrol, which was later acquired by BP, and Cmed, a company that helped leading pharmaceutical companies with their clinical trials.

Quinn Scripter
Web Development Lead

Quinn has expertise in several areas of software and hardware engineering. While attending MIT, Quinn created a web application to geolocate a laptop using nearby Wifi access points and has been interested in spatially enabled software ever since.

Ian Tangert
PS Engineer

Ian has implemented open source software solutions for a variety of commercial, private, and government entities on projects related to the environment, business, transportation, and law enforcement. Ian’s interests also include cartography and cultural geography.

Reggie Beckwith
PS Engineer

Reggie Beckwith has over 12 years experience developing software for the DoD / IC community.  As a holder of a pilots license, Reggie often leverages knowledge of aeronautical navigation and procedures against programming efforts.


Andreas is an accomplished open source developer; he is an active steering committee member for both OpenLayers and GeoExt . He has been working in geospatial for almost 20 years, and is a frequent teacher and speaker.

Bart Van
Software Engineer

Bart works on OpenLayers 3 and GeoExt. Bart has a strong interest in the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Bart is also part of the project steering committee (PSC) of GeoExt and OpenLayers.

Joseph Miller
PS Engineer

Joe has over twenty years experience as geospatial and remote sensing architect, developer, and analyst. His domain focus areas include healthcare, transportation and logistics, energy, and the life sciences.